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Tara is a professional journalist based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. She currently works as a copy editor, page designer and writer for a trade publication with international distribution. Tara also owns Context inMedia, through which she contracts as an editor and communications specialist with non-profits, agencies, universities, and private firms and corporations. Her projects have included commercials for AT&T and Sorenson Communications, informational videos for a Colorado government agency, marketing for non-profits and universities, academic editing for undergraduate and graduate students, and court transcript proofreading. She also writes articles for print and online publication in the mainstream media. She has been published in or employed by The Denver Post, The Kansas City Star, the Steamboat Pilot & Today, and The Lawrence Journal-World. In odd years, she is Print Media Editor for the U.S. Deaflympics Team, coordinating comprehensive print, digital and social media coverage of deaf and hard of hearing American athletes in competition.

Tara is a graduate of American University (MA-Literature, ’10) and the University of Kansas (BS-Journalism, ’06; BA-English, ’05). While at American, she specialized in Shakespeare Studies and worked for the university’s Department of Literature as a graduate and teaching assistant. At the University of Kansas, she wrote for and edited the University Daily Kansan and JayPlay magazine, including a stint as an editorial columnist focusing on pan-disability issues and advocacy. She contributed to KU’s The London Review magazine, interned at the Lawrence Journal-World and with the National Association of the Deaf’s publications department.

Born profoundly deaf, Tara also takes a special interest in disability issues and writes news articles and op-ed columns in her spare time. She has published articles with CNN iReport, Disability Power & Pride, Limping Chicken (an U.K. online publication), DeafEcho, Signcasts, Families Together, and SignNEWS. She also was a certified a trainer and lecturer for the 3R Project, a program focusing on ADA awareness and advocacy in postsecondary environments based at the California State University-Northridge’s National Center on Deafness. She is bilingual, being fluent in American Sign Language.

An avid equestrian, Tara has competed in hunters/jumpers, eventing and dressage. She also is a foodie and enjoys snowboarding (especially in Steamboat!); hiking the Rockies; international travel; reading; indulging in Star Trek, Big Bang Theory and general nerdiness; and talking too much to her (very patient!) husband. 


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